We Won!

Protean was awarded the 2017 TechJam award for best new startup.  Thank you to all of our teachers, students, supporters and schools that use Protean everyday to empower anytime, anywhere proficiency based learning in their lives! 

Recognition this past year includes:

TechJam 2016 Finalists/   Google/Duke 2017 Pitch Competition Finalists/  LearnLaunch 2017 Pitch Competition Finalists/  TechJam 2017 Winner! 

The world's first digital anytime-anywhere portfolio based learning system for schools, teachers, students and parents.


Student Portfolios


Instagram for Your Learning


Capture Learning from ANY Source

Create Academic, Career and Personal Goals

Capture, Align and Reflect on Goals and Proficiencies

Interactive Visual Timeline

Create Actions Plans for your Goals and Proficiencies

Generate Reports Directly from your Portfolio 

Follow the Learning Portfolios of others

Customizable Permissions

Lives with the Student through K16

Integrate with Google Education Environments (more integrations to come)


Teacher Portfolios 


Teacher Certification Portfolios


Build your Portfolio to be Sorted, Reported and Shared with a single click

View, Learn from,  and Comment on the Portfolio of other Teachers

Follow District and School Level Professional Development Content

Create Teacher Certification Reports 

Submit your Portfolios to be Reviewed, Commented and Assessed.

Integrate with Various Micro-Credentialing Environments 

Integrate with State Certifying Organizations for a Seamless Re-certification Process with your State. (Coming Soon).  


Personal LEarning Plans 


Truly Personalized Learning


Capture Evidence of any Learning 

Set Goals, Proficiencies and Outcomes

Reflect on your Learning

Create Actions Plans

Track Proficiencies

Share & Report on Your Learning

Generate Reports for Teachers, Parents, Counselors, and Healthcare Providers 

View & Manage Proficiency Libraries Created by your Teacher, School and Extended Learning Providers.

Match your Learning Profile to ELO's, Scholarships, and Potential Internships 

Integrate with Google Education Environments (more integrations to come)



“A visual portfolio approach to personal learning that is student centric, [as opposed to curriculum playlist tools] enables desired outcomes in a much more enduring way than was previously possible. Protean is leaps & bounds ahead of others in this area”
— Dr. James Nagle, Director, Middle Grades Institute.
Individualized & Visual

Individualized & Visual

Proficiency aligned student centric portfolio for all of your learning, no matter where it happens, as it happens, in real time.  

Proficiency aligned student centric portfolio for all of your learning, no matter where it happens, as it happens, in real time.  


Capture Learning

With Protean your students can capture learning from any source, whether in-class, at an extended learning provider or even visiting a museum while on vacation. 

Capture & Reflect on Any Learning


Align Learning

Manage Goals and Proficiencies at the District, School, Teacher, Student and Parent levels. Your Goal Inventory is always at your fingertips and available whether using our desktop app, on any website, or on the go using our mobile app & digital tools

Set Goals, Manage School Proficiencies, Integrate with Existing Systems


Assess Learning

True personalization can only come from connecting the proficiency to the actual evidence of the learning in order to be an effective evaluation tool.

Connect your learning to our formative assessment system or to our exclusive partner, Jump Rope, for a full featured portfolio, assessment and curriculum management experience. 

To effectively execute a Proficiency Based program you must be able to Capture, Align and Assess your learning in all  5 Areas of Personalization in a single system;
— Dr. James Nagle, Published Expert in Proficiency Based Education

Blended Learning

Visual Portfolio of Any Learning Source in the Form of an Easy to Sort, View and Report Timeline 

Capture In-Class Assignments

Capture Any Online Learning

Capture Out-of-Class Learning

Capture Extended Learning Opportunities 

Capture Anywhere-Anytime Learning with our digital tools.  

Its Instagram for Learning.

differentiated instruction.png

Differentiated Instruction

Scaffold Learning Based on Student Level

Track and View Progress on Key Proficiencies

Create action plans for each proficiency synced to your portfolio

Set Personal, Academic, and Career Goals while syncing with your school's proficiencies


Project Based Learning

Create student-led or teacher designed Projects & Classes

Upload multi-modal content (Video, PDF, Excel, Google Suite)

Manage Class and Project Forums

Sync w/ Google Drive content

Sort, View & Report project related portfolio entries.

Scafold Your Students Learning Opportunities


Student Voice & Teacher Professional Development

Create dynamic profiles that track progress.

Show off and integrate badges and micro-credentials.

Show off and share your portfolio and proficiencies.

Follow the learning of classmates, teachers and subject matter experts.

Match your portfolio to internship and scholarship opportunities. 

Its like LinkedIn For Kids


Formative Assessments

Rate proficiency levels for given portfolio items.

Integrate with JumpRope's standards based grading system.

Include comments, feedback and formal assessments to any portfolio entry.

Interact with parent, student and stakholders on given assessment measures. 

Assess 360 degrees of learning for a given proficiency


“The shift towards proficiency based education requires a different way to communicate learning that currently is not being addressed by existing tools”
— - Penny Bishop, Director Tarrant Institute on Innovative Education

Partners & Integrations

Designed, Advised & Tested by Leading Practitioners in Proficiency Based Education

Integrate with existing Google Education Learning Environments & Jump Rope Standards Based Grading and Curriculum Management Tools, with more integrations to come.


Currently we are pilot testing with hundreds of learners at partner schools as we collect surveys, testimonials and feedback on how Protean helps aggregate and communicate learning in a way that makes a difference in the learner's life.  Here are some of the testimonials we have received from educators and students;  

"Proficiency based education requires a different way to communicate learning.  Protean fills that void with a novel approach"

"[Protean] is an improvement on all PLP software I have tried in Vermont"

“ Protean’s “student centric” approach to the PLP, is a game changer"

” I'm very interested to see what other people thought of this because ... I love it"

“I think [Protean] is a huge improvement on the PLP process. It's simple, visually perfect, accessible, and has capacity for depth"

"As it pertains to [Personal Learning], Protean is an improvement in every way over [other] approaches"